Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Con Units

Wall Splits

A wall split system is a popular air-conditioning choice for many Australians. The indoor unit is mounted on a wall in the room or living space that is to be air-conditioned and attached to an outdoor unit. Our range of quality inverter wall splits includes capacities as small as 2.0kW and as large as 9.2kW.

SRK-ZMA (Medium Capacity)

6.3kW to 7.1kW
318mm Height, 1098mm Width, 248mm Depth

SRK-ZMA (Large Capacity)

8.0kW and 9.2kW
318mm Height , 1098mm Width, 248mm Depth

DXK-ZMA (Small Capacity)

2.5kW and 5.0kW
294mm Height, 798mm Width, 229mm Depth

DXK-ZMA (Large Capacity)

7.1kW and 9.2kW
318mm Height, 1098mm Width, 248mm Depth

Ducted Systems

Quiet and unobtrusive ducted systems custom designed for your home/office