Do you want to be free from the Power Grid?

Solar Panels and Storage Batteries are the answer!

More Australians are looking at stand-alone, Off-Grid Solar Power System! With our in-depth knowledge and experience we design and install high quality systems that let you enjoy reliable, clean power and free you from the electricity grid. Solar energy has become a very attractive proposition as the cost of solar systems has come down in the last few years.

Off-Grid Systems usually refer to stand-alone solar system that can power your needs. They can however also be connected to the grid but harvesting and storing your own power.
Complete Off-Grid Power Systems are the most versatile. They provide reliable power to anything from a shed, a house to larger agricultural properties.

☛ Say NO to the grid

☛ Expandable system

☛ Auto start generator function

☛ Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries

☛ 10 year battery warranty

☛ Free Consultations available

Australian farmers and agricultural businesses are looking at solar energy systems to power their daily operations. Solar energy has become a very attractive proposition as the cost of solar systems has come down in the last few years.

Stand alone solar off grid power systems are often a viable option for farmers and remote rural communities where mains electricity isn’t available or just too costly.

Your Local Off-Grid Specialists

Ravin Services is a local, family owned and operated electrical contracting business with over 25 years’ experience in this area of expertise. Our fully qualified and professional team is headed by Vincent & team whom share a similar enthusiasm for renewable energy solutions. We sell and install the top brands Off Grid Power Systems at the best prices. We will help you determine what’s best for you in your situation. We will also inform you on any rebates or incentives that may be available to you.

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SMA 5kW Sunny Boy Inverter


SMA 5kW Sunny Boy Inverter with Suntech 330W Mono Perc 6.6kW Solar System

Free yourself from the grid with this premium quality Off-Grid Solar and Battery System.
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☛ System Size: 6.6kW
☛ 20 x suntech 330 Watt Mono Perc Solar Panels
☛ 1 x SMA Sunny Boy 5kW Solar Inverter
☛ 1 x Sunny Island 6.0H Charger Inverter
☛ 1 x BYD Lithium 13.8kW Battery Storage Unit

6.6kW SMA + Suntech solar + BYD 13.8kW Lithium Battery Off Grid System quantity

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Alino TL Solar Power Conditioning Unit

The Alino TL is a compact, lightweight off-grid inverter that is ideal for rugged installations that require OutBack Power reliability

The Alino TL by Outback Power offers a complete inverter and a solar charge controller in one attractive, compact package.
The Alino TL family can work with a wide variety of batteries from flooded leadacid batteries to sealed VRLA (AGM and Gel) as well as lithium-ion batteries.
A significant investment in renewable energy does not need to end when the batteries do, the Alino TL will continue to provide AC power during strong sunlight hours. With a grid connected Alino and PV; self-consumption resulting in a reduced power bill can be accomplished with or without storage.
With Time Of Use, you can choose when to use the grid, batteries, or charge from the PV array. The Alino TL will offer monitoring and data collection through Optics RE, to complement the blue tooth connection and Android App built into the Alino TL.
The Alino TL has the ability to start with a small battery bank and add batteries later, flexibility that is valued in international markets. The Alino TL can also be used as a backup power source in applications where no solar panels are available.


☛ Available as ATL3024E (24VDC 3,000W) and ATL5048E (48VDC 5,000W), 50/60Hz
☛ Built-in 80A, 450VDC solar charge controller; can drive AC loads off of PV array
☛ A detachable LCD display provides comprehensive monitoring
☛ Bluetooth app for android phones
☛ Rugged (-10 to 50°C), proven design with twin replaceable fans
☛ Battery optional design provides daytime PV driven loads
☛ Full programmable battery charger for lead acid and Lithium ion batteries
☛ CE Mark, certified to IEC62109-1,-2
☛ Online monitoring available, Optics RE interface available soon
☛ Two year standard warranty and support from Outback Power

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Battery Voltage: 24V
Output Power: 3000VA



Battery Voltage: 48V
Output Power: 5000VA


Fronius Energy Package – 24 hours of sun

The 24 hours of sun Energy Package is the Fronius vision of how energy will be supplied in the coming decades (and ours at Solarbank too!). The Fronius Hybrid inverter is the heart of the storage solution giving you 24 hours of sun.
With an emergency power function included, your household can enjoy backup electricity supply even during power outages. Your system and battery status is perfectly visible through the built-in WiFi and Solar.web application. This DC coupled system guarantees maximum efficiency of the overall system.

BYD Battery-Box Pro 13.8 kWh

Your Benefits
☛ Extensive life testing and road track record show the highest levels of reliability and long life.
☛ Award winning performance and efficiency levels.
☛ BYD provides 10 years performance warranty.
☛ All products have been certified according to international standards including TUV, UL and CE and RCM.
☛ Exceptional scalability
☛ Cost effective

The BYD Battery-Box Pro 2.5-10.0 consists of the battery modules B-Plus L 2.5 with 2.56 kWh usable capacity each. Up to 4 B-Plus L 2.5 modules can fit into one cabinet, and up to 8 cabinets can be put into parallel connection. Thus capacities from 2.56 to 81.92 kWh can be chosen individually in 2.56 kWh steps.

Can be connected to Selectronic, SMA & Victron

Battery storage expandable & compatible with various inverter set-ups

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