RJ45 Network interface.
Up to 40A output for 12 or 24 systems.
MPPT provides up to 25% boost in daily energy production!
Can be used with solar array up to 150V

The OutBack FM40 Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller enables your solar power system to achieve its highest possible performance. The MPPT feature can give you up to 30% or more power from your solar panels!

Rated for up to 40 amps of DC output current, the OutBack FM40 can be used with battery systems from 12 to 24 VDC with solar array open circuit voltage as high as 150 Voc.

The FM40’s setpoints are fully adjustable to allow use with virtually any battery type, chemistry and charging profile.

The OutBack FM40 allows you to use a higher output voltage solar array with a lower voltage battery – such as charging a 24 VDC battery with a 48 VDC solar array. This reduces wire size and power loss from the solar array to the battery