Customer Service Commitment:

Ravin Services is committed to providing you with professional, technical and efficient service when it comes to your solar installation needs. We offer a comprehensive service infrastructure that includes telephone support, warranty home visits, co-ordination of manufacturer warranty and parts, backed by a network of local tradesmen. Our Customer Service Commitment sets out the pledge we make to you, our customer, in our continuing effort to improve.


Our Vision:

To be the provider of choice for home, commercial and community entities in South East Queensland.



Our aim is to continually meet your solar installation expectations, and to ensure you have the confidence in our service for the life of your solar investment. Ravin Services operates in a very competitive business environment that requires a commercial approach to our operations. At the same time, we place great importance on the following principles:

Customer Focus: We are committed to your needs and make our decisions based on your best interests.

Understanding: Adding solar to your home is large financial investment, we ensure that our service contact with you reflects this at all times.

Dignity: We bring a sense of pride and courteousness to our work, knowing that what we do is worthy and makes a difference to the environment.

Integrity: We undertake our work honestly and seek to be moral and upright in all that we do.

Honesty: In all of our dealings, we are fair and just, truthful and sincere

Innovation: We are open to new ideas and practices to enhance and improve the way we do things.


Our Service Standards:

When dealing with us you can expect us to be welcoming, courteous, fair and respectful. We will be helpful and responsive, keep you informed and communicate clearly with you at all times. We will respond to your request for service within a mutually acceptable timeframe. We will let you know what we can provide, who to contact and how to get in touch with them. We will consistently provide good quality information and the highest level of care that is suited to your individual needs and In return, we ask you to help us achieve our standards by being courteous and respectful towards us and help us to help you by providing the information we need. In all of our dealings, we are fair and just, truthful and sincere.