Off Grid Power Systems for Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses can be upgraded with Off Grid Power Systems. At Ravin Services we want to assist Tiny House owners with the option of independent living off the power grid. Solar panels and battery storage keep you autonomous.

What does Off Grid power mean?

Off Grid power means you are not connected to the power grid, you are not dependent on the big power companies and their infrastructure. Off-Grid Systems refer to stand-alone solar system that can power your needs. No more paying of ever-increasing power bills!
That is an empowering place to be!

At Ravin Services we offer a range of off grid solar power systems perfect for a Tiny House.

☛ Our most popular Tiny House Off Grid Power System is the Outback Power Inverter with 3kw solar connected to 5kwh LiPO4 battery.

☛ This system is expandable to increase solar, inverter and battery storage (even 3 phase option is possible)

☛ 10 year battery warranty

☛ Free Consultations available

This system provides enough energy for lights, power, TV, dishwasher, fridge and a 3kw air-conditioner.
With this system you can live off-grid with modern appliances without compromise.

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